About Us

throttlePAD2.0 is the trusted training partner for your organization / institute. We train on: soft skills, placement, data analytics, cloud, advanced excel, tourism & hospitality, outbound & outdoor trips with team-building & leadership, induction-orientation, FDP/TTT/MDP/EDP and what not!
Feel free and be in touch with us. We not only have fixed programs, We Customize too!

A startup, that was discussed over a cup of tea in Bangalore, and began as a partnership entity – has come a long way in two years. Founded in 2017, by two young professors AB & RN, who felt syllabus doesn’t cover the complete trainings students deserve, this startup has been delivering outbound sessions, adventure trips, skill-based training on Excel, IoT, Analytics, Communication, Etiquettes, Personality Development and many more. The latest addition from 2018 was teacher-training. From colleges to even schools, throttlePAD2.0 is training the teachers to deliver efficiently. Outcome based training is the aim. The key success factors are the various methodologies, viz. Outdoors, Outbound, Case-Studies, Audio-Visuals, Role-Play, Simulation, Debate, Mock Interviews &Interactive Modes of Training. And, more importantly, the X-Factor is Motivation.

We provide certificates to trainees / students. Very often, when organized at various organizations, we include both our logo and client-logo for maximum brand-value addition.

Trainer profiles vary from 25 years old to 75! Trainers are from Corporate, Academics and Govt. / NGO sectors. Also, from fitness experts to psychotherapists, throttlePAD2.0 ensures, the trainer fits the requirements as per client needs. So, the biggest strength is, we do not have employees and we hire trainers who will join as freelancers, representing throttlePAD2.0.

Our Vision

Generation 2.0 trained to be in full throttle!

Our Mission

Delivering quality trainings, to organizations – both profit & non-profit, into education or business – aiming to build future leaders equipped with relevant skills, attitude, energy, Innovation & imagination.

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