The team is called throttleGURUs, and we all trainers, freelancers, who work for one particular training or event – are all GURUs who train the trainees.

Unni Sir

The former airport manager at Colombo, Calicut & Bangalore airports, 75-year-old veteran, is the senior most GURU of the team. With huge knowledge and teaching experiences in big brands like KLE, St. Joseph’s, Garden City, Christ, IITTM to name a few, he delivers teacher-training the best. He’s a gem of a guy, pride of throttlePAD2.0 who mesmerizes the trainees with humor blended with enormous knowledge.


An entrepreneur, who runs two of his institutions and is a sought after trainer & coach at various colleges in Karnataka, this man can generate great feedback from any type of audience – be it corporates, executive students or degree level youth. He just rocks the class with his stylish delivery & smooth language. Having trained French Travel Agents & many aviation executives before, Patrick is a powerful trainer associated with throttlePAD2.0.


A modern-day yoga guru, MK is the man who has both national gym certification as well as qualification from S. Vyasa Yoga University – as a fitness and also yoga trainer. He takes care of throttlePAD2.0’s outdoor activities, yoga classes, fitness sessions etc. A 50+ guy who looks just 35+ and is very tough & stout – MK is ideal for fitness training, be it mental fitness or physical.


From walking the ramp or participating in beauty pageant events – this lady is a communication & personality development trainer. She has her own style to deliver sessions with interactive methods. She’s good to handle young minds, motivate them & orient them – citing great examples & setting individual benchmarks. Indeed throttlePAD2.0 takes pride having her in team.


When you think Outdoors, this is the guy we present! Hugely active, energetic, motivated and inspiring is the person – who can at a time handle 100+ trainees & still deliver his outdoor activity classes efficiently. An IATD certified trainer – he travels long distances to be present ‘on time’ to take any training session anywhere. He has generated great feedback from clients, for throttlePAD2.0.


This is a serious hardcore trainer. Having many SCOPUS & other international journal publications, ideal guy to guide researchers and faculty members in writing research articles or thesis. A Jadavpur University alumnus, he even trains on Mathematics, Data Analysis, Statistics & Research Methodologies. He’s an asset for throttlePAD2.0, especially for faculty training.

Jayashree Ma’am

An OB & HR trainer, who worked with big MNCs – she’s the boss in throttlePAD2.0 who can handle senior level clients. The top management, professors – if needed to be trained, this is the lady we look up to. It’s great that throttlePAD2.0 has her as a team member too.


A business analyst, who worked with clients like Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Nestle, Bosch & so many other brands, this man is one of the Co-Founders of throttlePAD2.0 & his sessions are awesome to the highest possible level. Students are fans. Trainees want another piece of him. That’s the feedback! From IoT to SAP, from Analytics to even Motivation – he delivers all with great ease.


Writer of non-fictions, which you find in Amazon &Flipkart, he’s a seasoned trainer who delivered teacher-training for the prestigious Christ & Bangalore University, and for staff of ONGC, TripFactory, 21North & many other corporates. The best part is – he has been an official resource person to train Govt. Officers, for CeG, VidhanaSoudha (Govt. of Karnatraka). All sessions are activity-based, case-oriented & even outdoors. Soft-Skills, Sales, Communication, Tourism& Hospitality are his forte.

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